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May I share this with you few friends who pause here to read Simply Here?  Have been reviewing my spiritual journey and putting it into words in my mind–and need to write it down.  Perhaps you’ll be able to glean something helpful for yourself, as well.

In 1987 I unexpectedly “woke up” to a part of my being through the Native American way.  The third eye opened and life was suddenly filled with dreaming, amazing synchronicities and deep connectedness.  A thought manifested on so many levels.  The unified field of awareness revealed itself.

I zinged in joy and bliss for years.  (In retrospect, this isn’t entirely true, as deep-seated patterns continued to vie for attention, but the general mood for 15-16 years was delight.)

At times it felt like the top of my head would blow off due to the intense energy swirling.  The synchronicities vibrated and increased.  I would…

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