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today topic is Shining Beautiful Series

by Mikelle Learned and Katherine Carol

About Mikelle

Mikelle’s life started out with abandonment being her introduction into the world. Put up for adoption in her native land of Korea, she found herself aboard a United Airline’s jet heading to the arms of her new family in Denver, Colorado. At the tender age of six months old, she and her new family would soon come to know Mikelle would be diagnosed with significant cerebral palsy. From day one, Mikelle has been a change agent in disguise as she cheerfully wheeled through the corridors of systems and lives, changing each and every one of them for the better. Her laughter and good humor opened the door, but it was her attitude that helped her move through it. She proudly assumes that she will “Get what I want, when I want it.

From a limited future to a future unlimited, Mikelle is an American success story. An orphaned immigrant, who graduated Outstanding Senior from East High School in Denver, CO, she then went on to become the Colorado Delegate for the Social Securities Beneficiaries Summit, where she was selected honor guest flown in to both participate in a Congressional Briefing and speak at the National Press Club in Washington DC. In addition, Mikelle has presented in 11 states with 39 more to go. (Taken from Facebook)


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